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Beyond IoT Conference 2020 – “A Resounding Success!”

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Beyond IoT 2020 took place on the 20th & 21st of January 2020. The third instalment of the Global Tech Conference was considered a resounding success from attendees, sponsors and speakers alike. The annual conference brought together start-ups, entrepreneurs, and academics to discuss the growing Internet of Things (IoT) technology. IoT will rapidly expand beyond computers and smartphones. The number of devices connected to the internet will now include consumer products, household appliances, sensors, vehicles, and machine components.

What makes Beyond IoT stand out as the conference to attend, is the underlying theme of, “Technology Application”. It is not simply the emerging technologies that are important but how those in the academic and business communities can harness them, to solve real world issues.  Beyond IoT continues to incorporate this theme by bringing top tier entrepreneurs and strategic thinkers from across the globe to share their views and prompt important collaborations.

Due to growing numbers the Cork Institute of Technology was transformed into a conference centre which housed two stages as well as an exhibitors area which saw sponsors such as Arrow Electronics, Jacobs Engineering, Clearstream and many more, exhibit on the day.

Over 500 attendees were present, at the sold out event, creating a fantastic atmosphere for networking. The attendees stemmed across all industries such as pharma, agriculture, IT and energy etc highlight that  IoT, and its application, barriers and challenges is the future. “Beyond IoT has continued to bring something special to Cork which helps us to connect with indigenous industries here”, said Richard Linger, Nimbus Technology Gateway Manager.

The calibre of speakers were second to none. Stage one was led by Dr. Sally Eaves , Emergent Technology CTO and Global Strategy Advisor who said that the “ethos behind Beyond IoT 2020 was to bring different sectors together, we need academia, civil society and big business transitioning in order to make an impact”. Speakers who joined us for the first time this year included Lauren Knausenberger CTO U.S. Airforce, Gillian Bergin, Dell Emc, it@cork and Andrew MacAdam, MD of Microsoft for Start-ups. Each topic looked at different technology applications such as Cybersecurity, AI, Smart Cities etc but a common theme was ‘how we can use technology to our advantage to make a positive impact on society’.

Day 2 saw over 90 start-ups attend seminars which were held in Nimbus. The theme for day 2 was ‘Creating your Technology’ with aims to support start-ups within the tech space. A series of talks showcased the type of projects undertaken in Nimbus and how this technology application could aid other start-ups. Application areas included Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Software & Hardware development as well funding opportunities delivered by Niall McAvoy of Enterprise Ireland. Our amazing sponsors, Microsoft for Start-ups and Arrow Electronics were on hand to give one to one clinics. ”An opportunity like this cannot be bought, and having it here in Nimbus is fantastic”, said Dave O’Toole of Expert Security.

The launch of  Beyond IoT China was also announced which will be held in the University of Shanghai in October supported by Innocare. “This is a huge step and a huge achievement”, concluded Richard Linger, Nimbus Technology Gateway Manager.

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