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Nimbus Research Centre launches Beyond IoT Conference 2020

This morning we launched the third annual Beyond IoT conference in The Nimbus Research Centre, CIT. Beyond IoT began this time 3 years ago when our Gateway Manager Richard Linger, teamed up with angel investor and polymath – Brandon Donnelly – to put together the first conference. Organised in just under 5 weeks it managed to garner 350 attendees in Páirc Uí Chaoimh. Since then the conference has grown and has become a globally recognised conference focused on Visionary impacts and understanding deep technology.

The core objectives of having the beyond IoT conference are to bring an understanding of the global impacts of technology for Ireland from around the world. It will also help Ireland, it’s indigenous companies, start-ups and academia to understand what is happening around the globe without having to travel to its four corners.

In doing this the aim is to help our stakeholders understand how they can develop technology within Nimbus and remain competitive. Most importantly the Beyond IoT conference will re-affirm Ireland, Cork, CIT and Nimbus’ position, as technology experts in the world stage.

The theme of Beyond IoT 2020 is discovering new horizons in emerging technology. Each year as more and more advancements are made in technology there are equally as many challenges to tackle. Beyond IoT will bring global experts to the centre stage to focus on themes such as:

  1. Who owns our data?
  2. How is AI going to change our lives?
  3. How are climate change and deep technology reconcilable?
  4. Are we secure from the criminals and undesirable governments?
  5. How does Ireland stay current and relevant where China and Silicon Valley hold all the technology ‘cards?’

At Beyond IoT we address these challenges in such a way that keeps everyone informed of where Tech is going whilst also ensuring that Irish Companies, Start-ups, and academia stay current to global trends.

Due to the success of this event over the past 3 years, Beyond IoT will now extend into a two-day event, in order to meet ticket demand as well as highlighting the importance of Technology Research and it’s ever expanding reach into business, social, community and academic worlds. Due to the impact of BeyondIoT over the past 2 years, Nimbus Research Centre will deliver an even bigger and better event in 2020.  With two separate stages on Day One, BeyondIoT is designed to bring top tier entrepreneurs and strategic thinkers from across the globe to share their views on emerging technology trends, opportunities and threats.

The event is due to attract over 500 to 600 people over 2 days Key sponsors include:

  1. Brandon Donnelly
  2. Clearstream
  3. O’Leary Insurance
  4. Innocare – China – as an event Chinese partner

And more to be announced over the coming weeks. Future plans for 2020/2021 will include an event in Shanghai and in the US with top tier universities. We look forward to seeing you on the 20th January 2020. For more information go to: where tickets will also be on sale.